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DENVER (KDVR) — As we inch closer to the summer travel season and see more people flying, added fees are making a comeback.

This comes as ticket prices for pretty much every airline continue to soar month after month.

Some of the immediate changes include the return of cancellation fees and even some new fees we’ve never experienced before.

After this month, travel experts say all domestic airlines will likely require you to pay a fee if you buy a basic economy ticket and want to change it.

Most of the airlines have already put this rule back in place; Jet Blue is pretty much the only hold out.

“The days of booking a plane ticket and being able to change it at will are over. So if you’re booking a basic economy ticket right now and you want to change it in the future you’re going to have to pay a fee,” said Kathy McCabe, a Denver-based travel expert.

But that’s not the only additional or returning fees to expect.

For example, if you decide to visit the Caribbean island of St. Maarten, expect to pay a $30 fee for its new “visitors’ protection” plan. This plan covers medical expenses and a medical evacuation fee, whether you need it or not.

“I also think we are in a new world, and cleaning, sanitation, are very important, so lots of resorts and especially these short-term vacation rentals have higher cleaning fees, or they’re adding an extra fee for the extra work they’re doing,” McCabe explained.

All in all, airfare prices are going up on average about 5% month over month, especially domestically.

McCabe has a new travel special set to air on PBS called, “Dream of Italy.”