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(KDVR) — Millions of people enjoy the convenience of using the E-470 ExpressToll to avoid clogged traffic.

The roadway has 47 miles, 23 interchanges and 101 bridges. Every driver should carefully monitor their account for any mistakes due to address changes to prevent a build-up of fees.

Geina Horton shared that advice with FOX31 after discovering she owed nearly $400 in late fees from a single toll years ago.

“I was pretty shocked and that seemed like a mystery to be solved,” said Horton, who always closely monitors her mail and accounts.

Horton never received notices indicating she had a toll balance.

“I was annoyed. I was really mad about losing $320 to bills that I never received,” said Horton, who showed FOX31 a bill for a grand total of $382.

E-470 toll fees sent to wrong address

Horton explained that a customer service representative confirmed statements were sent out, but it turns out they ended up at an address Horton vacated more than five years ago.

“I was receiving registration from the DMV for plate notification. The DMV knew where to find me, so I found it very odd that ExpressToll was sending things to the wrong address,” Horton said.

The Problem Solvers reached out to the E-470 Public Highway Authority on Horton’s behalf. The staff quickly researched the issue and found the mistake.

“They called me and said they wanted to refund my late fees because they had heard from you,” Horton said, referring to FOX31

Signing up for an ExpressToll account is a good way for drivers to track fees and keep addresses updated. Consumer protection experts advise anyone who uses a service or patronizes a business to document all emails and phone calls with customer service.