NORTHERN COLORADO (KDVR) — A northern Colorado man tells FOX31 that a business is using his home address on its website and he can’t get anyone to take it down.

The man, identified for privacy reasons as Rich, tells FOX31 he was looking at repair services when he made the discovery.

“A little scary knowing that your information is out there on the internet and it’s affiliated with an organization you have no association with,” he said.

To further protect his privacy, we are not revealing the name of the website.

“If they had an unsatisfied customer, this is the place they would go and yes it’s a little unnerving,” he said.

Rich tells FOX31 he tried calling the contact number on the site but got a booking service that had no idea of the situation. The Problem Solvers contacted the company more than once over the past week and received the same response.

The booking agent said she hadn’t even heard of the phone number posted on the site even though that number routed FOX31 through to her line. Now the booking service is investigating the situation as well.

The Problem Solvers also found the business is not registered with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office.

Roseanne Freitas of the Great West and Pacific Better Business Bureau tells FOX31, anyone who finds a business is using their address should report the issue as fraud to the United States Postal Inspection Service.

“Consumers need to understand too when they’re looking up a business is to verify that address. Is it really that person’s location?” she said.

Rich has also reported the issue to the Secretary of State’s office and hopes it will be taken care of soon.

“It is going to feel good knowing my information is not out here associated with someone I don’t know,” he said.