Mountain lion sightings in Ken Caryl have residents on edge

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KEN CARYL, Colo. (KDVR) — Neighbors are on high alert after two mountain lion sightings in Ken Caryl. Both sightings were within weeks of each other.

FOX31 Problem Solver Joshua Short spoke with Taylor, who only gave us her first name for privacy reasons, who saw this mountain lion in her backyard.

She told Short via phone on Monday it’s the second time this has happened in a matter of weeks.

The video was shot a couple of weeks ago outside Taylor’s home.

Jason Clay with Colorado Parks and Wildlife told the FOX31 Problem Solvers mountain lions are wild animals and they can act unpredictably and be dangerous.

Taylor confirmed that the video was just the first time she saw the curious creature in her backyard. It showed up again, in the same spot, around the same time of day, only days later. 

“These animals can be very dangerous, and you need to respect them and always give them your space, even if they’re coming in your backyard,” Clay said in a Zoom interview.

Clay also said there are things you should know and do, if you come across wildlife near your home.

“Calling our Denver office is a quick way to get in touch with us to answer questions, and importantly, we can get you in contact with wildlife officers,” he said, adding you can also contact the department through other entities during off hours.

These include Colorado State Patrol, Animal Control, or even the county sheriff’s office.

“We’re not going to respond to every sick or injured animal, but if there’s a mountain lion, in a backyard, that’s something we do want to know about,” Clay said.

Officials also want you to know there are no staffing shortages for CPW, in fact they have a wildlife officer on call 24/7, 365 days a year throughout the state.

If you don’t have your phone near you, officials said you can use your car alarm, you can bang on objects like pots and pans, you can yell at it or even use an air horn. But whatever you do, never approach it.

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