DENVER (KDVR) — A metro area mother of two said she and her family are being terrorized after crooks hacked her Facebook page and posted a scam offering “free” puppies.

Jessica Palmosina fought back tears as she described how she lives in a state of constant fear as a result of being threatened by victims of the scam who don’t know the page was hacked.

“I get harassed every day,” she said. “I can’t go to the store without people saying something about the ‘puppies that I’m selling,’ but I don’t have any puppies,”

The ad used Palmosina’s name and advertised “free puppies,” but asked for a $100 to $200 re-homing fee.

The scammers asked victims to pay using Venmo or Zelle.

Palmosina has reported the scam and is trying to have the page taken down.

Family receives threatening phone calls by victims

Some of the scam victims are making threatening phone calls to Palmosina, and one even showed up at her mother’s house after finding the address.

Debra Palmosina, Jessica’s mother, told FOX31 about some of the threatening experiences.

“A gentleman said, ‘You were supposed to meet me at the mall,’ to get his puppy,” she said. “The second message said, ‘I know your address,’ [and] said the address, and ‘I know it’s your parents, I’m on my way and it’s not going to be pretty.'”

Jessica Palmosina played a frightening voicemail message left for her mother by one man who boasted that he had a gun.

“Grab my shotgun and a handgun, yes this is a person you owe a dog to, I will see you shortly,” the message said.

“I was ready to have a heart attack,” said Debra Palmosina, who contacted the police and filed a report.

She told FOX31 that strange cars have driven back and forth in front of her home at night.

The Better Business Bureau warns anyone using social media should protect their account by monitoring it regularly, maintaining an account recovery password and two-step verification.

If making purchases, you should verify any online seller by doing a reverse image search on the ad.

The Problem Solvers have reached out to Facebook to help them get the page taken down.