DENVER (KDVR) — After the Problem Solvers dug into a scam that targeted Lyft drivers on Wednesday, at least a half dozen drivers reached out. Each one says they’ve fallen victim to a similar scam, lost all the money in their Lyft account, and can’t get any help from the company.

“The fact remains Lyft could do something about that to stop it if they know that that scam is so prevalent,” one driver said, who lost more than $600 from their Lyft account.

In each case, the driver accepts a ride and then gets a call from a Lyft number a short time later. The person on the other end of the line claims to work for Lyft and says a previous rider complained the car smelled like alcohol. In order to clear things up, the person asks for account information. The scammer then logs into the account, changes the password and steals all the money.

“I started noticing because my phone would let me know when there was a transaction on the Lyft card and it was one after the other,” said a Lyft driver we spoke to who doesn’t want to be identified.

Problem Solvers reached out to Lyft who said that “drivers need to contact Lyft immediately when they see any suspicious activity on their account so that we can address the situation”. However, drivers say they’re getting very little help from the company.

“With Lyft, it’s no there’s no sense of urgency for the driver, and I can’t imagine when they do have a sense of urgency,” the driver told FOX31.

Lyft said it will help the drivers who’ve reached out to FOX31, but it hasn’t responded to questions about its plans to prevent this issue moving forward and how it will help other drivers in similar situations.