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DENVER — For the second time this week, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is responding to videos of violent attacks on the 16th Street Mall.

On Monday, the mayor promised a police crackdown and zero tolerance for criminal activity on the mall after the FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers showed a video of two people being assaulted.

On Wednesday night, a new video went viral of a shirtless man attacking several people with a large plastic pipe on the mall.

Police said the suspect, Clarence Seeley, was arrested for investigation of felony assault.

Police said he has only been in Denver for nine days and is one of what they call “travelers,” hoodlums who come to Denver from out of state. The mayor said the draw is marijuana.

“Let’s be clear, marijuana is drawing people to the mall,” Hancock said.

He added this is one of the unintended consequences of legal marijuana. The mayor said the city will continue to increase police presence on the mall and to enforce current laws.

He also said officials are also looking at ways to create new laws or tighten others to help solve what many say is a growing safety problem on the mall.

Hancock added it will also take the help of businesses and citizens.

Late Thursday afternoon, Hancock sent a letter about the 16th Street Mall to residents via email.

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