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DENVER (KDVR) — Many people are struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic but unfortunately, scam artists couldn’t care less.

The FOX31 Problem Solvers are receiving complaints about phone and online credit card scams as well as disappearing contractors.

A refugee family says they were taken advantage of by a man who talked their elderly mother into giving him $6,000 in cash for needed repairs.  They say after taking off the home’s siding, the man never returned.

The man did not provide reliable contact information. Consumer experts tell FOX31 this is the time of year when scam artists move state to state taking money for jobs they don’t complete, then moving on to the next.

In an effort to help the family, FOX31 reached out to legitimate construction companies that could help.  Travis Harvego of Hoffman Weber Construction responded immediately.  

“Of course we would like to help out this person,” he said.  

When FOX31 showed Harvego the condition of the home, he made an immediate assessment.

“I saw what was completed. It doesn’t look like it was $6,000 worth of work,” he said. 

Harvego adds that even though this is a time when businesses are struggling, it is important to help those in need.

“We pride our company in strong morals, always starting a job and completing a job,” he said.

He advises anyone looking to hire a construction company to research the businesses license, inspect the insurance policy, get plenty of references and never provide a large down payment upfront.  

Complaints about scams should be filed with the state Attorney General’s Office.

The Problem Solvers shared the good news with the family, which expressed tears of joy.  

A daughter, Lavan, says, “my mother and I will be forever indebted to you, thank you!”

Harvego says, “it is really an honor for us to hear from the Problem Solvers if someone’s in need and we can really help out.”