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DENVER — A local company called Homewrights is helping people design their dream homes. While the company allows people to customize their home, the process also requires significant work from the to-be homeowners.

Annie and Matthew Skidmore is one couple who recently hired Homewrights.

“I feel like I already have memories there with future holidays and birthdays,” Annie said.

The Skidmores tell the FOX31 Problem Solvers they wanted to keep close control over every aspect of the design of their home.

“We have strong opinions of what we like and what we don’t like,” Annie said.

They decided to be their own general contractor, hiring the workers, setting the schedule and executing the building plan. However, with all the regulations and requirements, they needed some help. That’s when they turned to a Homewrights.

It saved them more than $200,000.

Company owner and General Manager Bob Hinz met the Problem Solvers at the Skidmores’ build site to explain how the business helps clients looking to create a home that fulfills their dreams.

“We’re like a wedding planner for building a house,” Hinz said.

Homewrights has helped build more than 300 homes along the Front Range. They let the clients remain in the driver’s seat while helping them navigate the possible pitfalls of building a home. Hinz says that includes helping buyers establish a schedule and budget.

The company also assists with crucial elements like quality control while still affording clients a wide range of options when it comes to design.

“If they can find terrific materials online or at auction, whatever, they’re welcome to do that,” Hinz said.

There are also no change order fees.

The Problem Solvers found this option is something that must be researched responsibly by anyone looking to build their own home. It’s realistic to expect to be prepared to put in at least 15 hours a week staying on top of the plan, making regular inspections of the property and maintaining conditions for work crews.

The Skidmores tell FOX31 it’s all been quite manageable with guidance from Homewrights. Their home construction project is ahead of schedule and will be ready in a matter of months.

They say they can hardly wait.

“We’re just excited to live our life here,” Annie said.