Lightning season sparking up in Colorado

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DENVER — Lightning season is in full swing in Colorado and the number of thunderstorms we experience will likely grow larger in the weeks ahead.

According to experts, Colorado sees about 500,000 lightning strikes (that hit the ground) every year.

Most of those strikes occur between May and September.

“We see most of the lightning in the summer months — really around May and lasting through September and October,” added Ryan Said, a research scientist at Vaisala.

Vaisala is a company that, among other things, creates technology to help detect lightning across the United States.

Said is based out of the company’s Louisville office.

“Since 1959 through 2017, there were 148 lightning deaths in Colorado,” Said said. “And that ranks us 4th nationally”.

Experts tell the Problem Solvers that the biggest lightning threat comes from outdoor leisurely activities like hiking and camping.

They suggest you plan ahead and if there’s any chance of thunderstorm activity. Experts also urge you to finish your activities by lunch time, since that’s when most storms pop up in Colorado.

Another important suggestion: be in a position where you can seek shelter indoors quickly.

“The electrical and plumbing infrastructure in most dwellings [will] provide protection from a lightning strike,” Said added.

Last year in Colorado, Sedgwick County had the most lightning activity, while Alamosa County had the least.

For additional lightning safety tips, click here.

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