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DENVER (KDVR) — A Texas couple believes they were spied on while having sex in their Denver hotel room.

Now, Nathan and Christina Parks have filed a lawsuit in Denver District Court against DoubleTree by Hilton for invasion of privacy.

The married couple, both 35, were staying at a Double Tree by Hilton in the Stapleton neighborhood in September 2019.

When Nathan opened the door on the morning of Sept. 11, 2019, he said he discovered the door’s peephole laying on the floor of the hallway outside his room.

“When I opened the door and I looked at it from the outside, I could tell that there was a smudge mark where somebody’s face and handprints were up on the door. Clearly they were peeking into our room,” said Nathan Parks.

His wife Christina told the Problem Solvers she was mortified someone had likely spied on them the night before.

“They might’ve captured our intimate moments together or even us just being naked in the room,” she said.

The lawsuit filed Tuesday in Denver District Court alleges, “Defendant admitted that the room had recently been renovated and that peephole on Plaintiffs’ hotel door was not secured with Loctite glue. Defendant immediately fixed the peephole while Plaintiffs were completing their information for Defendant’s hotel security.”

The couple’s attorney, Colleen Calandra, said the hotel essentially deleted evidence by having the door fixed while the couple was in the process of filing a police report with Denver police.

“Even more disturbing is that the hotel does not have cameras in the stairwell and so essentially anyone could be moving around the hotel through the stairways and be unseen,” said Calandra, who is director of the employment division for the Ramos Law firm.

In a statement to FOX31, the hotel chain denied any wrongdoing:

 At DoubleTree by Hilton Denver, the safety and wellbeing of our guests is our top priority. Because we take matters related to guest privacy very seriously, our front desk manager, security supervisor, and General Manager immediately responded to and investigated the report made by Mr. and Ms. Parks. After a comprehensive review in September 2019, including playback of lobby CCTV footage, we were unable to substantiate the couple’s allegations that they were followed back to their room or were inappropriately observed by a third party. Although the guests did not request police presence at the time and Denver PD officers did not visit the hotel to investigate this matter, we are happy to cooperate with any related police investigation. Given this is now a legal matter, we will reserve additional comment and look forward to an evidence-driven conversation in a court of law.

But Calandra told the Problem Solvers the hotel doesn’t have security cameras placed in relevant locations that might’ve shown what happened.

Hilton refused to discuss the placement of its security cameras with FOX31, calling it a security issue.

“We wanted adult time and grown-up time away from our small children and so, you know, you have this premise of expecting privacy and having a little alone time. We were intimate with each other and enjoying a date night with each other, just feel humongously violating that somebody likely was witness to that and may have even taken video of that or photos we don’t know what’s out there,” said Christina Parks.