DENVER (KDVR) — Disabled veteran John Frank cries tears of joy after a good Samaritan steps in to provide him with beautiful new landscaping.

Frank had paid nearly $5,000 to a man who said he would landscape his yard but was never seen again.

“He took advantage of a disabled person,” said Frank, who needed rocks added to his yard since he is unable to properly maintain the property.

Minutes after seeing the story on FOX31, Neighborhood Lawn Care owner Hector Alderete contacted the Problem Solvers and offered to help Frank.

“It came on I was like, oh no we’re going to do something about it,” Alderete said.

Alderete told FOX 31, once his employees heard about Frank’s needs, they eagerly volunteered for the job which required removing tree stumps, leveling the ground, and installing fabric and 50 tons of rock.

The service, estimated to cost at least $17,000, was provided free of charge.

“It was more about his story, it just touched my heart and I felt like doing it. It was nothing about the money,” said Alderete.

Frank tells the Problem Solvers, the Neighborhood Lawn Care team was kind and professional as they transformed his front and back yards, even providing a decorative trim along the driveway.

Tears welled up as Frank explained why Alderete’s generosity means so much to him.

“We need to hear the positive, make people know there’s hope that good things can happen,” Frank said.

Alderete said his team will return to the property this summer to pull weeds for Frank to keep his home looking beautiful.