DENVER (KDVR) — A disabled man paid thousands of dollars to a man who said he was a landscaper and even provided a contract, but the homeowner fears he’s seen the last of his money.

“I feel that I got ripped off. He took advantage of a disabled person,” John Frank told FOX31.

Frank said a man offered him a contract for work that included new landscaping that would make maintaining his home easier.

“Obviously, I’m in a wheelchair. I can’t really do the yard,” he said.

The contract signed by Anthony Martinez states work was to begin on Aug. 12, as of Sept. 7, Frank has yet to see a crew. He paid $4,650 upfront for the work.

Now, Frank says he can’t reach Martinez.

“All of a sudden his phone was disconnected and he wouldn’t respond to email,” he said.

The Problem Solvers drove to two cities looking for the business address listed on the contract and found it does not exist.

Now with all of his money gone, Frank needs help from another landscaper who can make a difference.

The Problem Solvers are still trying to track down the contractor. If you are a landscaper and would like to donate services to Frank, please contact FOX31 at