DENVER (KDVR) – Landscaping companies across the front range are getting ready to make big money this season. Consumer experts tell FOX31, that whether hiring a small business or large operation check them out first.

Evan Claus told FOX31 that he thought he had found the perfect company to complete the landscaping around his home.

“He said that he could do everything, concrete pavers, retaining wall,” Claus said.

Claus provided FOX31 with documents that show he entered a contract with Aguilar Landscaping on March 3. It also said that the work had to be completed within two to three weeks of that date and will total $22,000. He made several payments totaling $16,500.

As the weeks went by, the job remained unfinished.

“It’s obviously a pretty embarrassing situation you know, having somebody walk off the job with the kind of money,” Claus said.

Claus showed the Problem Solvers demand letters he sent to the company pointing out that crews only worked two times since March 24, which included dumping trash on April 7, and burying two sprinkle zones on April 12.

The Problem Solvers reached out to the owner of the company, which advertises on Facebook Marketplace. FOX31 also sent repeated emails and is still awaiting a response regarding when the money Claus paid will be refunded.

The business has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau and several complaints.

Claus said he wishes he would have seen those ratings.

“One thing I’ve learned through the process is that the better contractors will say ‘call my previous clients’” he explained.

Claus has since hired another construction company to finish the job, which needed only three days to complete.

He said he came forward in an effort to help other homeowners take note of red flags before hiring any landscaper.

“You have to do your research and you have to understand what the warning signs are. I feel like we had those but we didn’t pay attention to them,” he said. Claus added that the warning signs included inconsistent communication with the landscaper.

Consumer experts say it’s always important to get several references, check out a business’s registration with the Secretary of State, and never pay all of the money upfront.

Claus has contacted authorities and is seeking legal advice.