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DENVER (KDVR) — A man accused of kidnapping two hikers at gunpoint on Friday had a mattress with blankets and pillows, handcuffs, plastic flex cuffs, and binoculars in his vehicle when he was arrested on kidnapping and assault charges.

The Jefferson County District Attorney is reviewing the case against Kerry Endsley, 73, who was accused of approaching a married couple while they were taking a walk at the Fehringer Ranch Disc Golf Park on June 17.

He was arrested on suspicion of multiple charges, including two counts of kidnapping, assault, menacing, domestic violence and a protection order violation among others.

Endsley had a previous romantic relationship with the wife.

Endsley had been hunched down on the road where the couple was walking, according to an arrest affidavit, and “as they neared, (Endsley) stood up, pointed a pistol at them, and said, ‘Don’t f—ing move.’” The pair did not initially recognize Endsley because he was “wearing a baseball cap and what was later determined to be a costume style fake beard.”

Another passerby contacted 911 to report what was happening.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by the Problem Solvers, Endsley had a stun gun, pepper spray or bear spray, and sunglasses in his possession when deputies took him into custody. The male victim was able to get a semi-automatic firearm away from the suspect during the ordeal.

Court records show the female victim told investigators she had known Endsley for approximately four years through work, but they also had a brief romantic relationship in 2020 when she was separated from her husband and living in a suite at Endsley’s house.

The relationship ended nearly a year ago in August 2021.

That same month, according to the court records, Endsley’s stepdaughter faced charges for breaking the woman’s phone.

Endsley was accused of harassing the woman about the incident. Later, she was able to obtain a protection order that prevented him from having contact with her, according to the arrest affidavit.

Endsley is accused of placing a dog leash around the woman’s neck during the kidnapping and threatening to shoot them in the back.

A deputy attempted to shoot Endsley before he was taken into custody, but the deputy missed.

Endsley is accused of punching a deputy in the head after he was in custody and at the hospital.