DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado has one of the highest rates of auto theft in the nation. Now the maker of a top choice for thieves, Kia is making moves to fight back.

In May, Kia announced free security software upgrades were offered to more than 3 million owners and drivers who lease the cars. The software stops the ignition in locked cars in the event of an attempted theft without a key.

New models do not need the upgrade. But some who drive older models, which require updated security, are having trouble obtaining insurance coverage.

Caelynne Blackwell told FOX31 her 2018 Kia was stolen twice.

“After getting it stolen one time, they didn’t want to cover us on theft anymore,” Blackwell said.

Kia thefts affect insurance coverage

The Rocky Mountain Insurance Association told FOX31 that after videos of the cars being stolen went viral online, many carriers reduced their coverage.

“Your insurance company is just looking at that risk. In Colorado, we’re ranked number one in the nation for auto theft,” executive director Carole Walker said.

Kia issued the following statement to FOX31: “Kia has been and continues to be willing to work cooperatively with law enforcement agencies in the Denver area and across the country to combat car theft and the role social media has played in encouraging it, and we remain committed to supporting our customers and to vehicle security. We are also committed to working with insurance companies to ensure our customers have access to quality and comprehensive coverage.”

It is important to get the correct security update. The Problem Solvers asked Kia’s management to look into Blackwell’s case.

“They finally reached out to me today after you guys went ahead and reached out to them … the update that I thought was fixing my key lock was actually just fixing a window security,” Blackwell said.

Problems getting Kia insurance? Here’s what to do

Walker emphasized that it is important to let your insurance company know your car is receiving the update so you can work with them on any coverage or cost issues.

“Do your homework, talk to your own insurance company, see what else is out there before you leave your insurance company,” Walker said.

Insurance industry experts told the Problem Solvers more insurers are providing coverage than last summer, and the situation should improve in the coming months as the security upgrades are completed.

Kia said the company also provided more than 180,000 steering wheel locks to those who are not eligible for software upgrades.