DENVER (KDVR) – A judge issued an extreme risk protection order against a high school student this week who made previous threats to kill his classmates, according to court records obtained by the Problem Solvers.

According to the Denver Police Department petition for an ERPO against Andrew Turnquist Wernimont, 18, the former North High School student “made a recent threat to kill numerous fellow classmates and staff at his high school.” He was kicked out of the school, according to court records.

The police department also reported that Turnquist Wernimont’s father had contacted the police in May to report that the student had been kicked out of the school for “threatening four students with a knife.” The father reported that it was the “most violent he had ever seen him.”

According to DPD, the teen had a “kill list” written on the wall of his room with three names on the list. The list named two classmates and a school staff member. Also found on the wall were several swastikas and the phrase “hail Hitler” and “nuke em boys.”

According to the DPD petition, the teen was asked about his threats, and “he did not refute his desire to kill those on his hit list because they were ‘annoying.’”

The teen was transported to a hospital for a mental health hold.

Police also responded to the school in February for an incident in which the teen was accused of saying that he had “weapons hidden around school and threatened to stab and ‘beat the sh*t’ out of four students.”

The teen signed a document saying he did not have any firearms at the time the ERPO was issued, requiring him to hand over any firearms.

“It is a very sensitive time. There’s lots of other Extreme Risk Protection Orders. I would hate to see this case get notoriety because the police allegations have frightened someone when it’s probably really not fair when we haven’t had a public hearing and the opportunity to prove allegations or defend against allegations,” Jonathan Culwell, an attorney representing Turnquist Wernimont said.

Police said they took action on May 30 when they received information that the teen had also threatened to kill his girlfriend of nine days after she broke up with him. He sent her suicidal messages and other messages to her sister, making homicidal threats, according to the Denver Police petition.