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EVERGREEN, Colo. — One day after Colorado election officials begin mailing out ballots to the more than 3 million registered voters, one detects what she says could be a big problem.

This is the first mail ballot presidential election in Colorado. Although getting a ballot in the mail might make it easier to vote for some, one woman points out after receiving two ballots for the same person the potential for fraud seems easier to commit as well.

Sorting her mail on Wednesday, Jessica Olson said she noticed something that shouldn’t happen. Addressed to her 21-year-old daughter were two mail-in ballots.

“It indicates that she’s two different people living in the same house,” Olson said.

Two different people because one is addressed to Makinzy Olson, the other, using her middle name, says Makinzy Kay Olson on the ballot.

“The recent talk about voter fraud and I thought well, this certainly looks like it could be an opportunity for voter fraud,” Olson said.

Not wanting to do anything illegal, Jessica called the FOX31 Problem Solvers.

“Which one do we fill out? Should we go with the one with her middle name or the one without? I don’t know,” she asked.

The Problem Solvers called the office of the Colorado secretary of state who said systems are in place to catch duplicate ballots. That means two ballots with the same name.

In this case, the address, driver’s license number and Social Security number are the same, but the name isn’t so the system didn’t flag it as a duplicate and didn’t work.

“She could have filled out both ballots and sent them both in,” Olson said.

Of course, she said her daughter never would have done that, but she questions, if given the chance, how many others would.

“You hope your vote counts. Isn’t that the primary reason for voting is that your vote counts,” Olson said.

The Jefferson County clerk’s office said it caught the duplicate last week but the ballots had already been addressed to go out.

A spokesman said one of the ballots was voided in the system so even if both ballots would have been cast, one wouldn’t have counted.

However, Olson said this is the second year her daughter received the duplicate ballots. This year, she took it more seriously.