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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — A viewer is coming to the FOX31 Problem Solvers for help, saying her SUV was stolen at a local Pep Boys and now she’s stuck months later with nowhere to turn.

Arrelda Taylor said she is feeling extremely overwhelmed right now.

“I’m disabled. I have screws and plates throughout the whole right side of my body. It’s difficult for me to walk and pretty hard for me to get in and out of cars,” Taylor said. “My whole life’s upside down right now.”

In addition to her health issues, Taylor hasn’t had her car for months.

“March of this year, and I’ve been fighting ever since,” Taylor said. 

Taylor said the battle began after she dropped her Chevrolet Tahoe off at Pep Boys for suspension work back in March. When she didn’t hear from the shop for days, she said she called to check in.

“That’s when the Pep Boys manager told me the truck wasn’t there,” Taylor said. 

Aurora Police officials said they were able to recover the stolen car in a neighborhood days later but couldn’t find a suspect. Taylor said this is all falling on her now.

“Pep Boys is refusing to take responsibility for it, and the transmission is gone,” Taylor said. “The steering column is totally broken apart, the driver’s side door is torn apart, it doesn’t lock and I just don’t have the money to fix it.”

Pep Boys provided the following statement to FOX31: 

This matter is in ongoing litigation. Pep Boys vigorously disputes Ms. Taylor’s claims. Pep Boys did not act negligently or improperly at any time. We are confident that as the facts come out through the legal process, the Court will determine that Pep Boys acted appropriately at all times.

Insurance expert weighs in

Insurance expert Carole Walker said if a driver doesn’t have comprehensive coverage, their insurance won’t foot the bill, and it’s important to find out if there’s financial responsibility on the repair shop. 

“To basically say we don’t bear responsibility, if I were a consumer, I would certainly push back on that,” Walker, executive director of Rocky Mountain Insurance Association, said. “Did they do their due diligence in making sure your car was secure? Was it parked inside? Even if they did everything to protect your vehicle … they do carry responsibility for your vehicle and they likely carry insurance.”

Walker also suggested using the Colorado Division of Insurance as a resource to help investigate and act as a mediator between insurance companies for situations like this.