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DENVER (KDVR) — As more 5G cellular towers are installed throughout Denver neighborhoods, residents continue to report more issues with the towers, even months after the installation work is finished.

Beyond complaints of the towers being an eyesore, residents are now finding problems they cannot get the cell phone companies to fix, or even acknowledge.

“I had no idea what they were going to be doing. They gave me a notification they are doing work, but had no idea what they were doing,” Jim Greichen said, a longtime resident of the Wash Park neighborhood, who had a 5G tower installed in front of his house at the end of winter.

Greichen and his neighbors didn’t know the scheduled “work” they were notified about would be a 5G tower in front of their home. Within 30 days of first getting notified, lawns were being ripped apart to install the new tower.

“That huge metal pole looks like it belongs in an industrial area, not in front of a home,” Greichen said.

Over the weekend, Greichen’s next-door neighbor decided to turn on their sprinkler system for the first time this summer. It didn’t take long to notice a major problem. Their sprinkler line was cut.

“AT&T had obviously cut one of the sprinkler lines, all the way through. The water was firing off eight to 10 feet into the street like a garden hose,” Greichen said.

The homeowner turned off the water but damage was already done, forming a massive hole at the base of the tower, next to Xcel Power’s electrical box. Greichen and his neighbor tried calling AT&T to fix their line and fill the hole but cannot get a response back from the company.

“When he called them they had no idea what to do, who to talk to, or who to even send to fix this problem. They threw up their hands and said we don’t know, we cannot help you,” Greichen said.

FOX31 Problem Solvers reached out to AT&T that said they would investigate the issue. 

The City of Denver said on Tuesday they were not able to provide information about the number of 5G cellular towers planned for installation around the city, or how many have already been put into place.