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DENVER (KDVR) — A warning from the Internal Revenue Service has come as many are rushing to beat the tax deadline: Be aware of impersonation scams and other schemes.

IRS Special Agent in charge of the Criminal Investigation Unit Andy Tsui told FOX31 that scammers take advantage of those who are preparing returns or expecting refunds.

“People do expect some contact maybe with the IRS so there’s always an uptick and that’s typically someone pretending to be the IRS and maybe threatening to arrest someone if they don’t make a payment,” said Tsui.

The IRS advises taxpayers to guard their personal information and to never provide social security and banking information to anyone reaching out through unsolicited phone calls, emails or social media.

The real IRS will also never ask for payment via a debit card or credit card in an unsolicited call.

Additionally, if you experience a delay in receiving your refund, head to the IRS website and track it right away.

“A taxpayer can request a transcript with the IRS and also monitor for when their refund will hit their bank account or if it doesn’t,” said Tsui.

Holly Haycraft told FOX31 she’s been waiting for her 2021 refund for more than a year.

“I’m like, did somebody change the banking number and stuff and take my money?” she said.

Haycraft’s refund is being tracked.

The IRS advises taxpayers who have their returns prepared by a business to check reviews, get references and make sure the business has a PTIN (tax identification) number.

Always check your return and obtain copies before it is submitted, and fraud should be promptly reported to the IRS.