Insurance coverage surprises; find out what you need to avoid risks associated with winter

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DENVER (KDVR) — Ice, snow and cold temperatures can damage your home and car.  A good insurance policy offers protection, but insurance experts warn now is the time to make sure you have enough coverage to mitigate risks associated with the winter season.

AAA of Colorado spokesperson Skyler McKinley said drivers should understand the difference between the basic types of auto coverage.

“Liability coverage covers you is you hit someone.  Collision coverage covers you if you hit something.  Comprehensive coverage covers you if something hits you,  could be a fallen tree branch,” he said.

McKinley adds that while drivers are legally required to carry a liability policy, it’s a good idea to at least add collision coverage.

Heavy snow or hail can cause roof damage. Pipes that burst can create widespread problems due to flooding.  It is important to understand exactly what your homeowner’s policy will and will not cover. 

McKinley emphasizes that homeowners should consider their liability if someone slips and falls on ice on their property or sidewalk in front of the home.

“You’re going to be liable and that’s a whole different bracket of insurance coverage than what just covers your belongings,” shared McKinley. 

That also applies if a piece of your property damages another home.

Many policies cover temporary housing while repairs are made.  McKinley said how much you paid for your home may determine how comfortable you will be.

“If you paid three million dollars for your home it’s  going to be 20 percent of three million.  If you’re like the rest of us and paid 300-thousand dollars for your home then it’s going to be between 10 and 30 percent of that number, which is going to mean a lot less time that your insurance company is going to pay for you to now be in your house” he said.

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