Industries where female workers are more likely to get pay raises in metro-Denver

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DENVER (KDVR) — No matter which industry you’re in, it’s safe to say the pandemic has made work life more difficult than normal; especially for those who are looking to climb in their careers.

For women, the challenge has been even more stressful. But experts say we’re in a unique time period right now where getting ahead has never been easier.

Data shows on average, women make about 20% less than men.

According to the talent and recruitment agency ‘Robert Half’, in a recent survey of 1,500 female employees, many working women report feeling underutilized, under-appreciated and underpaid.

When it comes to feeling underpaid, 43% of the women surveyed say they feel shortchanged.

Given the current hiring climate right now and how many companies are looking for good employees, hiring experts say as uncomfortable as it might be, one of your best bets is to simply communicate honestly with your employer about your situation — and to stress how hard of a worker you are.

“I feel like women don’t need to be humble about what they’ve accomplished. They need to talk about their achievements and their aspirations and seek out a career path with their manager and within their organization,” said Mala Saraogi, director of permanent services at Robert Half in Denver.

That same survey found 65% of working women who experienced a shift in feelings towards work due to the pandemic are more motivated to seek employment at a company that better values its staff.

In metro-Denver, experts say the industries where women are more likely to be treated equally are tech and finance.

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