‘I felt like we were taken’: Problem Solvers help ignored customer get fridge from popular appliance store

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PARKER, Colo. (KDVR) — A Colorado customer is sharing a warning to other consumers and coming to the FOX31 Problem Solvers with concerns about a local popular appliance store.   

A Parker family tells us they bought a new refrigerator that quit working within months, then they couldn’t get anyone to fix it. 

FOX31 Problem Solver Nicole Fierro is on it, getting answers and action.

New fridge breaks in months

During the sweltering summer we had, Jamie LeMaster didn’t realize what a luxury an ice-cold glass of water could be.

The premium four-door Samsung fridge she bought suddenly stopped making ice, less than a year into her purchase.

LeMaster bought the fridge from Appliance Factory and Mattress Kingdom in Parker.

“It was one of the dent fridges, but we were told it was not used, it was a brand new fridge,” LeMaster said.

LeMaster said she was also told the new fridge had a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, so, when she reached out to Samsung to get it fixed, she was shocked.

“Samsung is actually the one that informed us is it is a used refurbished fridge, they told us it was originally sold in 2019 and broke, returned, then it was fixed and resold to us in 2020 as a new fridge,” LeMaster said.

LeMaster says she called Appliance Factory back with Samsung’s information, and was told Appliance Factory would deliver her a new fridge.

Then, six months passed and nothing happened, so she came to the FOX31 Problem Solvers for help.

“I was pretty upset, I felt like we were taken,” LeMaster said.

Family waits for replacement fridge that never comes

According to the Better Business Bureau, the LeMasters aren’t the only family to feel this way with Appliance Factory locations.

“With this company, we have seen 138 complaints in the last 3 years,” BBB’s Keylen Villagrana said. “The majority of them were with the product or service.”

The FOX31 Problem Solvers contacted Appliance Factory about LeMaster’s situation. Less than two hours later, she got a call from the company. Two days later, a brand new fridge with a working ice machine arrived.

“Nobody was willing to help us until we got you guys involved,” LeMaster said. 

As for getting to the bottom of the refurbished dispute, the FOX31 Problem Solvers went back to both Appliance Factory and Samsung for clarity. Both are saying their company didn’t sell a refurbished fridge, and they have different explanations for why LeMaster was told otherwise.

Appliance Factory sent us a statement and included their purchase order from when they bought the fridge from Samsung.

“When you look at the serial number, you will see it is what Samsung provided as new out-of-box, meaning Samsung classifies it as new with a one-year warranty. It’s just out of the box with cosmetic damages,” a spokesperson stated in part. “We relied on Samsung to be able to make the representation to the LeMasters that it is a new out-of-box product.”

A Samsung spokesperson shared the following statement:

“Our customers are a top priority and it is important we help clear up confusion surrounding the LeMasters’ experience with a retailer. There was inadvertent miscommunication to the LeMasters and the situation has been addressed to their satisfaction now that this was brought to our attention.  Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and we are reviewing the LeMasters’ retail experience to identify any possible areas for improvement.”

A spokesperson also explained that Samsung’s “refurbished” designation in these cases isn’t because a retailer may sell the product as “used,” but rather, because that company may decide to refurbish the unit before sale to their customer.

At the end of the day, LeMaster wants others to learn from her experience and remember to ask a lot of questions before buying.

“I want the buyers to beware that you have to go through extreme lengths for them to stand and back their product,” LeMaster said.

How to check the history of an appliance

The BBB says it is best to check your appliance’s history sooner rather than later. On most fridges, you can find it in the door. A sticker will display the serial and model numbers. You can submit these numbers online or call the manufacturer with them.

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