DENVER (KDVR) — The price of gas, eggs and other items continues to rise. It is crucial to find ways to make the most out of your budget, especially if you use credit cards.

Consumer experts tell FOX31 that what may look like a quick way to save money can actually cost you more.

Ted Rossman of tells the Problem Solvers a credit card can be your friend or make things worse, depending on how you use on — especially when it comes to paying for gas with station rewards cards.

“That’s a trap I see people falling into. Those cards only give about 5 or 10 cents off per gallon. They have very high interest rates,” Rossman said.

Credit card rewards can save money if used wisely

He recommends using a general-purpose card or big-box bulk store card from Sam’s Club or Costco instead, but he warns against keeping high balances on any card.

“If you’re carrying a credit card balance, that interest is going to outweigh the rewards so this is for the half of cardholders who pay in full,” Rossman said.

Stacking savings from various cards takes some planning, but the dividends can be worth it.

“There are a lot of apps by the gas station brands that give 5 to 10 cents off per gallon. You could combine that with your rewards credit card or another payment method if you choose and get another discount that way,” Rossman said.

Consumer experts also recommend planning family trips and errands in order to limit the use of gas.

Plan menus for your family so you get the most out of good deals at bulk food stores and adjust your budget to local fluctuations in prices.

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