DENVER (KDVR) — A drop to freezing temperatures is just ahead. Landscaping experts say now is the time to prepare your lawn and garden.

“You want it to survive and not have to do all the work again next year,” Christine Hise of City Floral Garden Center told FOX31.

Hise said some varieties, like pansies and kale, can survive in cooler temperatures, but others will need special attention over the next few days before the expected temperature drop.

“Cut those last roses that are still blooming. Dig up those dahlia bulbs if you want to save them for the winter for next spring,” Hise said.

Planted chrysanthemums and other delicate flowering plants should be covered with sheeting to prevent damage from freezing temperatures.

City Floral carries Frost Guard, which is a special fabric that insulates and protects plants.

“The most important thing is to make sure that you tuck it in underneath,” Hise said.

Landscaping staples can be used to secure covering so it can withstand high winds.

Bring pots indoors, harvest vegetables

Potted plants should be moved indoors during the cold snap. It’s also time to harvest the last of your vegetables and cover up Halloween pumpkins.

Anti-wilting products can be sprayed on sensitive evergreens, small trees and holiday greenery to keep them from drying out. Hise also advises anyone with freshly planted trees to water them well and use tree wrap.

“It just protects it again from sun scald in the winter and can also protect it from insects and just cold damage as well,” Hise said.

Trees should be closely monitored throughout the cold season.

Once you turn your irrigation off, make sure to get out there at least, you know, once a month — more than that if you’re able to,” Hise said.

Homeowners should make sure to disconnect any hoses to prevent water problems.