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DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado can experience highs in the 70s then low temperatures and snowfall, but the shift can affect plants, flowers and trees.

The experts at City Floral tell the FOX31 Problem Solvers monitoring plants and keeping soil moist is crucial to keeping them alive during unseasonable temperatures.

City Floral plant expert Hannah Lucey said the staff is watering plants every other day.

“It’s very important when the weather is hot that we keep things moist, don’t let them dry out. Those roots definitely need a good soak,” she said.

How to protect plants, trees

It is important to protect plants from major temperature shifts by properly insulating them.

“Most plants should be winterized by now, including mulch or leaves. If you still have your pansies … you want to throw on a frost guard or sheet — something to protect them,” Lucey said.

Certain types of potted trees tend to adapt easier, but they must be properly planted.

“The important thing about the spruce trees, they need about 6 inches of insulation around that root ball. So the bigger the pot the better, so when we do get that hard freeze, they stay warm enough not to freeze the root ball,” Lucey said.

City Floral carefully tends to more than 600 fresh Christmas trees, keeping them in prime condition for customers. Each receives a fresh cut on their selected tree.

“That’s to make sure the tree continues to drink water throughout the day,” Lucey said.

Watering trees is important for safety

Make sure to keep an eye on your tree stand and keep it filled with fresh water, which also reduces the risk of fire.

“We always encourage you to keep those trees away from any kind of heat source or an air vent,” Lucey said.