How to get your sprinkler system running

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DENVER (KDVR) — Springtime is go-time for people like Mike Moore with the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado.

But with folks learning new skills these days, turning on your sprinkler system can be a satisfying experience. It can also save you about $75.  

First, find your back-flow preventer.

“It’s often on the side of your house,” said Moore.

Make sure all the valves are turned off

Next, open the valve box and cap the drain pipe, just hand-tighten.

“Now you can go inside. Oftentimes in your basement, it will be located near your main water shut off,” said Moore. Turn that pipe on.

Now, a sometimes tricky part: the timer box.

“If it’s been plugged in and you got your general settings you like to use, it could be just as simple as turning it on ‘auto’ and ‘run,'” said Moore.

If it’s unplugged, consult the owners manual, or consult someone like Moore.

“If you got it on ‘run,’ it’s going to go with the schedule it was last programmed to have,” he said.

The Problem Solvers are reminding  you to check with your city first for watering days and times.

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