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DENVER (KDVR) — As more parents start returning to the office, we’re starting to see a growing need for additional child care support.

Research shows the national average rate for a babysitter is hovering around $20 an hour, but in Denver, it’s about two dollars less.

According to, the hourly rates in the Mile High City are as follows:

1 CHILD = $18.12/hour
2 CHILDREN = $20.67/hour

When you dig deeper into the data, it turns out parents in Denver are paying more per hour than its fellow similar cost-of-living cities like Dallas and even Chicago.

One of the reasons for this, according to, is a huge increase in child care rates across the country.

In fact, nationwide they saw an 11% jump over the last year.

But here in Denver, the rates went up 14%.

Analysts believe this is a result of minimum wage increases in the Mile High City.

In terms of finding affordable child care, experts offer this suggestion:

“One of the good things is that you have hundreds of thousands of college students in Colorado. You have over 300,000 in the Denver area alone. I think if you find a college student who’s looking to do this to supplement their studies, or they’re looking to do this in their free time, you might be able to get a better price,” explained Lynn Perkins with

According to, babysitter rates are cheaper outside of Metro-Denver, but even cities like Fort Collins and Colorado Springs saw big year-over-year increases.

“I found one that was really interesting. I think they were based in Cherry Creek. And they were being hired to not only take care of the kids but they were also a soccer coach on the side. And they were doing drills and exercises with the kids to help them with their soccer skills. So when I looked at those high rates I found they were associated with special circumstances too,” Perkins explained.

In terms of other cost-saving tips, another suggestion experts offered was partnering up with a neighbor who has kids around the same age.

That way you can save on child care by hiring a sitter together, or perhaps you take the kids one day — while they take the kids the next day.