How to avoid being dropped by your insurance company during hail season

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EVANS, Colo. — With Colorado’s severe weather, summer is no time to be dumped by your home insurance company. But that’s what happened to an Evans woman after she made one claim too many.

Sandy Burke tells FOX31 her home was damaged by baseball-sized hail.

“It took off some shingles and put some holes in our roof. We lost windows and patio doors,” she said.

Like millions of others with this kind of damage, Burke relied on her insurance company to cover her repairs, but after three claims in five years totaling nearly $30,000, her insurance company dropped her.

“(The agent) even started to cry when she was telling me that our policy was being canceled,” Burke said.

Insurance industry expert and policy broker Kim Alire of the Barrett Bartels Agency tells the FOX31 Problem Solvers that many carriers also have mandatory higher deductibles due to severe hail seasons in Colorado. She says homeowners should carefully crunch the numbers before calling the claims department and only file a claim for big-money repairs.

“We can refer people that will go out and look at it for free to say, ‘Yes, it’s hail  damage and this is how much we think it’s going to cost to fix.’ And then we can file the claim,” Alire said.

Ask your agent about what’s likely to cause your policy to be canceled  before you choose your coverage plan and always be honest with your agent about the condition of your home.

“If it’s an older roof, we know which carrier to put it with rather than putting it with a carrier that wants that brand-new roof,” Alire said.

An insurance brokerage can match your needs to the right policy provider in one step.

There is good news for Burke: she now has a new policy and renewed peace of mind

“Just knowing that we’re going to get coverage that’s as good as what we had and even better is a big relief,” she said.

Keep in mind that if your policy is terminated, you may end up paying a higher premium for a new one.

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