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DENVER (KDVR) — It’s important for Colorado homeowners to know that even a couple of inches of fresh snow can cause some serious long-term damage to their property.

With more snow on the way Wednesday, experts say it can take a toll on a home’s foundation.

Not only can it lead to a dangerous situation, but it can also be costly.

According to contractors at Complete Basement Systems in Denver, some of the main causes come from when the ground is frozen and soil is trapped up against a home.

When soil freezes, it has nowhere to go. This leads to it expanding.

The inward movement it creates on foundations can cause cracking and several other problems.

First and foremost, experts say it’s important for homeowners to be aware these problems can occur.

To help alleviate any issues, you should make sure any gutters on the top of your roof are cleared out prevent any clogging.

“Another tip is the grading. So the soil that is up against the foundation — making sure there’s a positive grade away from the home so the snowmelt and rain has a way to shed and move away from the foundation. It’s not going to eliminate, but we want to make certain we can get as much moisture away from the home as we can,” explained Jonas Murphy with Complete Basement Systems in Denver.

Contractors also suggest any homes that have an internal water proofing system in place, like a sub pump, should get regular maintenance done to make sure it’s working properly.