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DENVER (KDVR) — A Colorado veteran and her family called on the Problem Solvers for help after a year of hardships and nowhere to turn.

From a middle class working family to rock bottom in the intensive care unit, retired military specialist Ashley Wickham is a disabled veteran who is now trying to fight for her three children’s safety and health from a hospital bed herself.

“There’s Seeley who is 12, he’s my nonverbal, autistic. Chronic Hereditary Pancreatitis warrior,” Wickham said. “He’s a true hero.”

Seeley went from surgery in the hospital the other day, back to living in their jeep with his dad and two sisters. Now they are waiting for mom to get out of the ICU herself. 

“They don’t deserve to worry about other homeless people and where we are going to sleep at night because they are scared and they want mommy to keep them safe,” Wickham said. 

Their jeep wasn’t meant to be home for the five of them, Wickham says a house fire around a year ago rendered their previous home unlivable.

“We called around to so many programs but I make too much money,” Wickham said. 

The money they have, considered too much for assistance, is not enough to afford a home, so they are stuck without a home. Wickham says she also has been suspended from her paid job as a certified nursing assistant to her son Seeley, until she can find suitable housing.

“There have been some amazing case workers that have said they would love to help me but they can’t,” Wickham said. “They deserve a home.”

The Veterans Administration shared the following statement with FOX31 Problem Solvers: 

“We are actively working with this veteran and her family to connect them to any and all available resources.”

Wickham created a GoFundMe page as well.