Here’s what to consider before using CBD as it grows in popularity

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DENVER — CBD, a substance that offers health benefits associated with marijuana, is a billion dollar industry and continues to grow in popularity.

The Hemp derivative does not contain THC, the ingredient in marijuana that creates a “high” feeling, that’s why many health providers are now using CBD to treat illness in children and adults as well as wean those who struggle with addiction off of opioids.

Dr. Sarah Cohen of Resource Medical Center tells FOX31 many patients show improvement after taking CBD under medical supervision, but it is important to remember that everyone’s case is different.

“It is extraordinarily important to consult with a health care provider when taking CBD especially at higher doses, it can start to interact with other medications,” Dr. Cohen said.

Dr. Cohen emphasizes that using CBD to ease patient’s off of opiod painkillers is a careful process that must be monitored by a physician. She adds that anyone using blood thinners should never use CBD without consulting their doctor first.

The same goes for use with children.

“The jury’s still out about how it affects brain development,” she said.

That said, many health experts agree that not investigating the possible benefits of CBD can be restrictive when it comes to wholistic healthcare.

Steven Turetsky of Shi Farms runs one of the largest Hemp farming and CBD production coops in the nation with more than 1,500 acres in four states and 40,000 square feet of green houses.

He tells FOX31 his products are certified as food grade and pure and advises that anyone choosing to explore the benefits of CBD should check the source of the product by asking to see a certificate of analysis.

“It feels like the wild west and a lot of people want to make a quick buck,” Turetsky said.

With street shops and mall kiosks popping up in many cities, the FDA is closely examining the sale of CBD and holding hearings on regulations, something Turetsky says is a good idea.

“I always encourage regulation, it helps the industry grow responsibly,” he said.

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