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DENVER — FOX31 Denver Investigative Reporter, Heidi Hemmat, won the Mothers Against Drunk Driving national media award in Denver on Tuesday.

Hemmat was honored by MADD for helping the organization raise awareness with her in depth, investigative report on repeat DUI offenders which highlighted the need for a felony DUI law in Colorado.

STORY: Weak law creates safety threat from repeat drunk driver

Governor Hickenlooper signed the felony DUI law earlier this month. It makes the fourth DUI a felony punishable by prison time.

Fran Lanzer, the executive director for MADD’s Colorado chapter, presented the award to Hemmat.

Hemmat thanked the victim who appeared in the report, Gail Parrish of Arvada. She also thanked her photographer, Noah Skinner, and producer for their hard work on the story. Hemmat said she appreciates the recognition from MADD, an organization that “does so much good and wraps their arms around people who lose loved ones in DUI crashes.”

Hemmat is the first MADD national award recipient from Colorado.