Garbage men caught on video combining trash and recycling in Arvada: Problem Solvers Investigation

Problem Solvers
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ARVADA, Colo. — When 36-year-old Jessica Hunt noticed garbage men tossing the trash and recyclable materials into the same garbage truck, she decided to record it on her cellphone.

“It’s really sad because you’re putting a lot of effort into what little bit you can do to help, you know, with the trash and consumption,” said Hunt.

The Arvada mother called Waste Connections in June the first time she noticed it and received a one-time refund since she is billed an extra $7 a month for recycling.

But over the months, Hunt said the behavior never changed.

“Don’t tell me that you’re doing it (recycling) if you’re not. You’re scamming  people,” she said.

Hunt provided videos time stamped from June, December and last Friday — all showing the truck driver and his coworker doing exactly what they’re not supposed to do: combining trash and recyclable items into the same truck.

“Pretty embarrassed, honesty,” was the response from the district manager of Waste Connections, Evan Sharp.

“It’s not typical of our protocol out on the street and the last thing we want to be doing

is the wrong thing. It’s an integrity thing,” Sharp said.

Sharp insisted management had no idea the driver and his partner where apparently not returning in the afternoon to the Lamar Heights neighborhood of Arvada  with their recycle truck.

Investigative reporter Rob Low asked Sharp, “If she (Hunt) called in June to point this out, why do you think it kept happening?”

Sharp responded, “I’m guessing that maybe it didn’t get brought to a manager’s attention.”

“I canceled my service, I went to somebody else. I mean, don’t tell me you’re doing something and not do it and charge me for it,” Hunt said.

Sharp told the FOX31 Problem Solvers that Waste Connections will be issuing Hunt another refund and an apology.

As for the driver and his coworker, Sharp said both will be suspended.

“He didn’t have a good answer, so we’re going to dig in a little more and figure why he (the driver) made that decision,” Sharp said.

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