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FORT COLLINS, Colo. (KDVR) — A Fort Collins family is fighting to get their life savings back after buying a food trailer they say was inoperable.  

That truck was supposed to help them expand their business, but the unexpected happened.  

The Zepeda family told the Problem Solvers they have operated the Taqueria Los Pepes Food Truck in Fort Collins for several years. They had been looking to expand. 

So Jesus Santiago Zepeda and his father decided to buy another truck to, among other things, pay for his college expenses.

“The goal of every family is to try to save up as much money and try to go forward,” Zepeda said  

To do that, they bought this food trailer from the Fud Trailer Company on East Colfax Avenue. It cost nearly $27,000.

But the Problem Solvers are told a wheel caved in as it was being driven to Fort Collins by Zepeda’s father, who says it began to swerve dangerously. The family said other parts were breaking down, too.  

Zepeda said the Fud Trailers Company did try to fix it once, but it was still not drivable.  

“It was just sitting there in the parking lot just costing us money,” Zepeda said.  

The Problems Solvers asked the trailer company what was being done to fix the issue. They said there was a breakdown in communication.

“Since the beginning, we have been trying to fix this situation with the customer, sending people to honor the warranty that we cover with our customers,” Fud Trailer US general manager Omar Cruz said.

Fud Trailer said the family had the trailer for several months and had special ordered it, making the return more difficult.

Still, Fud Trailer told the Problems Solvers it’s going to honor its guarantee. The company promised to send the family a full refund by Wednesday.  

The Problem Solvers will of course be checking with the Zepeda family to see if they get their money back.