MORRISON, Colo. (KDVR) — Red flag warnings are one of the reasons FOX31 meteorologists have issued a Pinpoint Weather Alert Day for Friday.

“There’s just a lot of dead stuff out there that’s going to go up in flames very quickly and burn, and then you add wind, and you know the outcome,” Meteorologist Chis Tomer said. ’ember storm’

Fire officials warn that even if flames are not immediately close to your home, the danger can carry for miles.

“The way most homes are impacted by wildfire today is the ember storm. That means the wind is pushing embers from the small size of a quarter inch up to something the size of your fist. They can be carried hundreds of yards or even miles out,” Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District Battalion Chief Dan Hatlestad said.

How to protect yourself from fire danger

Firefighters tell the Problem Solvers that before the weather system moves in, people should:

  • Sign up for emergency notifications from your city or county
  • Be prepared to evacuate
  • Mitigate areas around the home

Lillian Harvey, who lives in Morrison, said her go-bags are packed and her home’s been mitigated.

“It’s also incredibly anxiety-inducing, honestly, because you never know in situations like these if a fire is going to start and you are not going to have anything to come home to,” Harvey said.

How to prevent wildfires

There are several steps that can be taken to prevent wildfires. Here are some important tips from the National Weather Service:

  • Do not light campfires, bonfires, candles or anything else that could blow over and start a fire.
  • If you smoke, be sure to extinguish your cigarette or cigar before disposing of it. Never throw a burning item out a window.
  • Bag up trash, clippings and other easily flammable items.
  • Don’t drive on areas of dry vegetation/grass
  • Be vigilant, and if you see a fire or suspicious activity, report it immediately
  • Avoid activities with open flames or sparks
  • Avoid power equipment that creates sparks
  • Obey burn bans

While fire danger is high along the Front Range and Eastern Plains, individual counties have issued fire restrictions to prepare/prevent a blaze from sparking. See that list here.

Here is a checklist of how to prepare for wildfires and evacuations.