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DENVER (KDVR) — Along with everything else, your favorite Super Bowl snacks are going to cost you a lot more this weekend.

From wings to burgers and everything else in between, prices are skyrocketing!

According to economists, our favorite football foods are likely going to cost us between 8% to 14% more compared to what we would’ve paid last year.

The biggest hits come from protein-based foods.

For instance, prepared chicken wings are about 14% more expensive for the bone-in type, while the price of boneless wings jumped up by 26%.

Another big price hike: steak. 

Steak prices have soared 23% compared to last year.

When it comes to ground hamburger meat, you can expect to pay 17% more.

So, what can a fan do to save on their football feast?

“Prices with snacks and vegetables are more leveled out so if you are looking for a vegetarian route you can take that. But of course, the popular foods like chicken wings and burgers and things like that with the Super Bowl — a great way to save is to make these items yourself,” explained Rebecca Gramuglia, a consumer expert at “I know the prices are going up, but of course, looking for sales at your grocery stores, finding a recipe you can make — because the more you pay for convenience, having someone do it for you, the more you’re going to pay.”

Experts say the more you can do yourself, like picking out the groceries, going to the store, etc., the less you’re going to pay.

With inflation hitting 7.5% now, it’s no surprise these items are costing more.

While meats will cost more, other foods like chips, guacamole and fruits and vegetables will remain the same price.

If you’re looking to see which area grocery stores have the best deals this weekend, check out the cost savings website