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ENGELWOOD, Colo. — The FOX31 Problem Solvers are getting answers after residents of an Englewood neighborhood reached out with concerns about stolen mail.

Residents claim everything from gift cards to prescriptions to cash has been swiped.

Jennifer Youtsey has had her mail stolen five times in recent months.

“We’ve had stuff from Amazon stolen, clothing, prescriptions. That was in the last three or four weeks,” she said.

Missed payments to her child’s daycare actually forced her to take a week off of work.

“As a single mom taking care of two kids completely on my own, if I can’t go to school or work, who’s paying the bills?” she said.

What she didn’t realize then is that she isn’t alone. A neighbor posted on the social media site Nextdoor about her mail being stolen, and dozens of others chimed in with similar stories.

“Other people were just saying they were infuriated,” Youtsey said.

One woman tells Problem Solvers she is a caretaker for several elderly folks in the neighborhood. She says at least three of them have had letters to kids and grandchildren swiped.

“It`s been such a problem for them they actually give me the mail now and say don`t put it in the boxes inside. Go inside and hand it to this clerk. They actually have a specific clerk they want to hand it to,” she said.

FOX31 has learned the Office of the Inspector General believes a mail carrier at the post office on Lehigh Avenue was indeed stealing mail, telling Problem Solvers that employee was identified in early June and has been placed on non-duty status pending the outcome of the investigation.

However, many residents are only cautiously optimistic.

Jennifer Youtsey says she’s had prescriptions and paperwork for her daycare stolen since that June 6th date when the Office of the Inspector General says the employee was placed on non-duty status.

The employee’s name has not been released.

If you think you are a victim of mail theft by a U.S. Postal Service employee, you can report it here.

Read the full statement from the Office of the Inspector General here.