Employee ‘quit rate’ surging in Denver

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DENVER (KDVR) — Thousands of new jobs are popping up all over the metro area right now, but new data shows there aren’t enough candidates applying to fill them.

Across the country, the employee quit rate jumped to 3.9 million employees between June and July, according to research from the firm Robert Half.

According to data compiled by analysts at Robert Half, Denver recently added 6,300 jobs in June, while the state of Colorado as a whole added 10,800.

These jobs are popping up because workers across the country are quitting their gigs for better opportunities.

Experts say right now is the best time to be looking for higher paying roles in the metro area.

New research shows an employee in Denver can easily get an 8% to 15% boost in salary by switching companies.

It really just depends on industry demand and the unemployment rate.

“Colorado, the unemployment rate for accountants can be 1-2%. Same for tech workers: we’ve seen creative at under 1% unemployment. There are very few candidates available in some of these more unique and skilled positions,” said Eric Olson, district president for Robert Half.

Analysts say all of this is a sign of growing worker confidence and staffing difficulties.

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