ELIZABETH, Colo. (KDVR) — Town leaders in Elizabeth say the U.S. Postal Service has been silent since they bought cluster mailboxes for their residents, in lieu of the lack of delivery services.

Buena Vista residents experiencing these same issues expressed frustration a few weeks ago to the Problem Solvers, being forced to pay for post office boxes. Now, Elizabeth city leaders say things are the same for them.

They say about half of their residents can’t get mail delivered. Mayor Megan Vasquez said that about nine months ago they spent more than $200,000 on cluster mailboxes for residents on the south and north sides of town. This decision was made after budgeting and speaking with the Postal Service.

But after the boxes were up, they didn’t get a response from the Postal Service on how to get residents’ mail into these boxes.

“It does not make any sense and there is no rhyme or reason for it,” Vasquez said. “We’ve tried emails, we tried phone calls, we’ve tried going down to the post office to try and get some kind of response. and we just have not been successful.”

Even with the cluster boxes aside, the issue still remains that residents have to pay for post office boxes. The Problem Solvers found this on the Postal Service’s website: “A P.O. box may be available for no fee, in specific situations, for those who are not eligible for home delivery.”

It’s not the entire town, though. Some areas in Elizabeth do get delivery, with some boxes a mere 200 feet from those empty cluster boxes. It’s not just residential addresses being affected either: The police station, fire station and even town hall are included.

“When you’re talking about traffic tickets, or water bills or any of that type of stuff, it’s not getting to us. It’s automatically returned, which just causes more frustration from our citizens,” Vasquez said.

A Postal Service representative did respond to FOX31’s request for comment and said they would be working toward a solution.

Vasquez said the town won’t give up until something is done and those paid-for boxes are being used, or mail is being delivered town-wide, because she knows residents are frustrated.

“We hear them, we know that they’re frustrated and we are going to help solve that problem,” Vasquez said. “Especially since we spent taxpayer money on these boxes, so we owe them an answer.”