AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Boarded up and falling apart, a scary stairwell at an Aurora condominium complex has residents concerned, especially Octavia Brooks, who told FOX31 she is speaking out on behalf of children and elderly residents.

“They’ve installed bags to pick up dog poop, but yet the stairs are still here. It’s heartbreaking,” Brooks said.

The Problem Solvers contacted the property management company, Colorado Management Specialists, which says the stairwell was secured three months ago and residents were notified of a plan to make repairs.

The company issued FOX31 the following statement:

“Edenbrook Condominiums has temporarily shut down the stairwell due to safety issues and in accordance with a mandate from the City of Aurora, are replacing the stairwells. The stairwell has not been blocked for two years. The stairwell was secured (blocked) approximately 3 months ago. Edenbrook has notified all residents many times about the need to secure the stairwell, the replacement process and their dues, which is funding the stairwell replacement.”

Colorado Management Specialists

The management company said that it is under contract with AGS Construction to make the repairs, which are scheduled to begin between the end of July and mid-August. The company said it is currently waiting for permits and materials for metal step replacements.