Dump truck driver pleads guilty in Denver cyclist’s death; Problem Solvers analyze crash data

Problem Solvers
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DENVER — A dump truck driver pleaded guilty in a Denver courtroom Friday to careless driving resulting in death.

David Anton struck and killed bicyclist, Alexis Bounds, near South Marion Parkway and East Bayaud Avenue in July.

If a judge accepts the plea agreement Anton made with the prosecutor’s office, Anton will likely be sentenced to 200 hours of public service at a rehabilitative hospital. If he completes the hours, he would avoid 60 days in jail.

Sentencing occurs Jan. 24, 2020 at 1:30 p.m.

“My daughter’s life was violently struck short because a ‘professional driver’ did not practice the ‘rules’ of his own job,” Peggy Boardman, Bounds’ mother, told FOX31.

Boardman sat in the front row during court Friday morning as a prosecutor described how Anton continued to drag Bounds’ body after he struck her until witnesses shouted at him to stop. She was a mother of two boys, one of whom is almost 5. The other is 1.

“I can tell he misses his momma every day,” said Boardman. “The community has to stay with this court case and support us and help to change the laws to protect other families, so they never have to go through this.”

Boardman fought back tears as she described how Bounds’ 4-year-old child sometimes says he wants to speak to his mother one more time.

“How many more beautiful mothers will have their lives cut short because the message that this court is going to send will be nothing more than a slap on the wrist for this man’s actions?” said Boardman. “To be clear: it is not the person who I want punished by the state of Colorado for the death of my daughter. It is his actions.”

Bounds’ husband, Teddy Bounds, was also present in court during the Anton’s guilty plea.

“I understand that nobody intended for this to happen. All the same, it still hurts us,” he told FOX31. Bounds said his wife had only recently gotten back on a bicycle after her recent pregnancy.

“That bike was a pretty new purchase for us,” he said. “(She) was wanting to get back into getting active, and so that’s why she went on that bike ride.”

Bounds said he had been married to his wife for 12 years but had been in a relationship with her for 20. He would like his wife to be remembered as the beautiful, warm person she was.

“She was just a really great person. She was really beautiful. You know, she just had a lot of warmth and everybody would describe her as being pretty thoughtful – somebody that would remember every detail about you – remember your birthday, concerned about what was going on in your life and stuff like that,” he said. “She was a great mother and she loved her kids. She loved her job and what she was doing.”

Anton’s attorney spoke on behalf of his client during the court proceeding. He turned to Bounds’ family to say that Anton was praying for them.

“He is completely, completely devastated by the fact that he didn’t see her that day,” said Rhidian Orr, the defense attorney.

According to a FOX31 analysis of the most currently available traffic crash data in the city and county of Denver, there have been at least 2,235 crashes involving bicyclists since 2013. Those crashes involved 2,253 bicyclists.

Bounds’ death is one of three bicycle-related fatalities in Denver in 2019.

Twenty bicyclists have died in Denver crashes since 2013.

The deadliest year was 2018, when six cyclists were killed.

Since 2013, 265 bicyclists have been seriously injured in crashes.

FOX31 determined the neighborhoods with the most bicycle incidents include Five Points, the Central Business District, Capitol Hill and Union Station.

The most bicyclists, 353, were involved in crashes in 2015. In 2016, 319 bicyclists were involved in crashes. There were 321 in 2017 and 322 in 2018.

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