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DENVER — University of Denver scholarship student Aaron Davis  was on his way to church when he discovered his car was stolen. Then two days later, another thief took his bike.

“I feel kind of sorry for them. I don’t think they know they’re stealing from someone who really doesn’t have a lot,” he said.

The FOX31 Problem Solvers tracked his route from home to campus.  It turns out that walking to the nearest light rail station takes 45 minutes and cold weather is on the way.

The Problem Solvers put out the call for help and viewers responded.

Derek Eslinger and his wife Tara took time out from celebrating their first anniversary to offer Davis their truck.

“I can’t imagine having my car and my bike, both modes of transportation stolen, so this is the least thing I could do,” Derek Eslinger said.

Brian Graham loaded up his mountain bike and with wife Ashley and son Riley along, drove to Denver from Loveland after a long day of work to help out Davis.

“If people just take that opportunity to help each other out when somebody’s  in need, that person you help will  in turn most likely go help another person,” Graham said.

Davis said he is extremely grateful to Eslinger and Graham, and will pay it forward.

“Once I have a little more means, I know I’m going to be able to help somebody.”