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ARVADA, Colo. (KDVR) — Last month was a near record-breaking dry month for Colorado. Landscape professionals are concerned about the danger that presents to deciduous and pine trees in Colorado.

Sunny skies, warm temps and beautiful weather  — pleasant for people, perilous for plants. They can literally die from thirst. That’s why certified arborist Matt Ward with Environmental Designs has been pretty well booked out with watering trees.

“I’ve been in the industry here for seven years in Denver. I think this is one of the driest winters,” said Ward.

Trees, like people, need water. Trees, unlike people, can’t quench their own thirst. If you don’t get them watered, you could lose not only the tree but a big chunk of change, as well. For example, a 25-foot tree would cost on average around $2,000 to replace.

“These trees are alive, they are living things, and they are metabolizing the sugar they have stored in their roots, and they need water to do that process,” said Ward.

Ward is the spokesperson for the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado and tells Problem Solvers if you take away anything from this story, it’s water your trees.

“Young trees are my number-one priority. If you’re able to only water some, water the evergreen trees, and really big trees have really learned their lesson about Colorado droughts; I really don’t think they are as important,” said Ward.

Surface or deep watering will do. So, go ahead, give your trees a little TLC with some H20.