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DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver magistrate judge told Richard Platt that the court has “grave public safety concerns” related to his drugs and weapons case as she ruled that he would be facing a $50,000 cash bond.

The honorable Kathleen Boland told the court that Platt’s case involved “numerous different kinds of drugs that are alleged to have been in the two different (hotel) rooms including Ecstasy, heroin, and methamphetamines. There’s also a large amount of cash that’s found in the rooms and/or on the persons of the people that are part of the co-defendant network.”

Platt was arrested with three others after police conducted a search warrant at the Maven Hotel in Denver on Friday night.

The other suspects, who are expected to be in court tomorrow, include Gabriel Rodriguez, Ricardo Rodriguez, and Kanoelehua Serikawa.

Platt, 42, who has a history of drugs and weapons cases in Jefferson County, Douglas County, and Boulder County over the past decade, told Boland that he would be unable to afford the bond.

“I do have a brand new job, and I do have and I’ve made every court date on my last cases. I made every one. I have not missed any court dates,” he said, pleading for a different type of bond from the court.

According to Taylor Critchell, a public defender who represented Platt during the hearing, Platt has a child and has been working construction jobs for approximately two years. 

“It does not appear that he would be a flight risk, your honor,” said Critchell, who claimed Platt indicated he planned to “engage in treatment” after recently getting a new apartment in Denver.

The Problem Solvers checked court records and found Platt previously pleaded guilty to multiple charges related to 2016 incidents in Longmont. He pleaded guilty to theft, drugs, weapons, child abuse related to negligence with no injury, and felony menacing. He also pleaded guilty to drug possession in a 2010 West Metro drug case. 

He is also facing drugs and weapons charges in a 2020 Lone Tree case.