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DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver man says he is being targeted because he is displaying “Trump” and “All Lives Matter” signs in his yard.

The man tells the FOX31 Problem Solvers he is so frightened of retaliation, he doesn’t want to reveal his identity. 

FOX31 obtained video showing the street in front of his home spray painted with graffiti.  Security camera video shows a woman tossing a bag of dog feces onto his lawn. There have also been reports of Black Lives Matter signs being removed from other yards.

“I don’t go to other people’s houses, vandalizing, yelling at them, screaming at them,” the homeowner said. 

He contacted police, but wants his homeowners association to step in and do more to increase security for all residents.

The Problem Solvers reached out to the HOA, which provided the following statement:

“The HOA spends a significant amount on a security service to maintain a presence in our neighborhood and professional advice on security matters. The HOA is extremely grateful for the support of our Councilperson and police department in these matters, and they are fully involved on this particular situation. We follow their advice. We are very fortunate to have extremely few complaints of vandalism or harassment. We have 490 homes in our association.”    

The HOA says all residents have been notified that political signs are permitted under the covenants and regulated by Denver city ordinances.

The HOA immediately addressed the graffiti aimed at the homeowner with an email asking residents to “please be mindful of the right for all to express their political views whether we agree with them or not.”

The homeowner says he feels the presidential election is bringing out the worst in some residents and hopes anyone showing disrespect for those with different views will consider what the American flag stands for.  

“This is totally un-American. This country has really fallen and it’s not safe anymore,” he said.

Legal expert Eric Nesbitt tells the Problem Solvers HOAs can establish and notify residents of requirements to obey the law, but the police should handle matters that violate city ordinances and laws involving personal property and safety.