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DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver woman says her cellphone has recently been bombarded with calls from strangers.

Doriana Fontanella’s number is just one digit off from the state’s fax number for the Department of Labor and Employment.

She says she has been inundated by calls over the past several weeks as people are accidentally dialing her number instead.

“I thought there’s a real need out there and I needed to let people know that I”m not the one they want,” Fontanella said, as she explained why she contacted the FOX31 Problem Solvers about the mix-up.

Fontanella tells the Problem Solvers it actually all began more than a decade ago in 2008. Her phone would ring and she would answer, only to hear the unmistakable tone of a fax machine.

She says the problem grew worse during the historic 2013 floods in Colorado. People were calling her number almost daily, presumably trying to fax materials to the Department of Labor for unemployment claims.

That’s when Fontanella realized what was happening.

“I thought about changing my phone number,” she said. “My number is close, but I”m not telling you how close.”

Her message? Triple check to make sure you’re faxing the right number, especially when trying to reach someone as important as the folks at the labor department.

“I see on the news they’re saying they can’t get any response from unemployment, and I think that’s because they’re not getting the right number. I don’t want any more calls,” Fontanella said.