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DENVER — Three adult “skills games” centers were raided Tuesday, the Denver Police Department said. Cease and desist orders were issued to the businesses.

A FOX31 Problem Solvers investigation that began last year grabbed the attention of officials.

Police said the raids are an “extension of an ongoing investigation.” Three people were taken into custody on gambling-related charges, police said.

The locations that were raided were La Fortuna (9 S. Federal Blvd.), American Pride Skills Games (10490 E. Dartmouth Ave.) and El Dorado (2544 Sheridan Blvd.).

The Colorado Legislature wants to outlaw cash-paying slot machines at unregulated adult skills game arcades.

House Bill HB18-1234, sponsored by House Majority Leader KC Becker, passed the full House on Monday and is in the hands of the Senate for consideration.

If passed, the bill would close several loopholes in the current law to eliminate these types of gaming facilities.