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DENVER (KDVR) — The Denver Police Department has issued an apology after an officer was photographed parking in a handicap spot during an emergency call.

That handicap accessible spot happened to be in front of the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition, which specializes in advocating for those with disabilities.

Photos show the officer taking up a portion of the handicap spot as well as the majority of the “access aisle,” used by many at the building to get in and out of vehicles.

“The law says you can’t stop, stand, or park in the access aisle,” said Legal Program Director Kevin Williams. “Nevertheless, the Denver police vehicle was parked in that access aisle.” 

Williams says he frequently receives complaints regarding police vehicles parking in accessible spots.

His van, parked next to the police vehicle shown in the photo, is specially equipped with a ramp to get in and out of the passenger door. 

Williams says getting into his van would have been impossible with the cruiser parked where it was. 

“I much prefer to represent other people with disabilities, and not have to deal with my own personal issues. However, there is absolutely no way my practice — my legal organization and I — are allowing to let this just go,” he said.

A spokesperson for Denver police sent the following statement, saying the officer involved will not face any discipline:

We appreciate this parking situation being brought to our attention and apologize for any difficulty this caused individuals using, or needing to use, the accessible parking spaces. The Department has already completed a review of this incident based on a previously-submitted complaint, and the officer is not facing discipline. For context, officers responded to this location on a hold up/panic alarm – one of the highest priority calls indicating a person’s life is potentially endangered. Fortunately, the situation was quickly resolved and the patrol vehicles were moved within minutes. – Denver Police Department